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1969 Dodge Hemi Dart


This is a special car starting life as a very clean orginal 6 cylinder car. The owners idea was to make a super stock clone car but it was transformed into a nice handling and driving Dart. It is extremely quick but has very managable street manners.

He drives this car everywhere, no hauling. It has won countless awards and does everywhere it goes including and excellence award at Car Craft Summer Nationals at the Minnesota State Fair grounds. The excellence award went to the top 20 cars out of 5500 cars picked by the staff of Car Craft.

We wanted to keep the theme of the car as stock looking as possible but very special components lurk underneath that pretty paint it was hard to hide those big tires tucked under the rear hooked to a narrowed dana. Inside stock seats grace the   interior. A stock shifter handle is hooked to a TKO 600 Tremic 5 speed which gives him 2000 RPM at 65mph with a 410 gear. NICE!!  Under that fiberglass super stock hood is a nearly 700   horse cross ram hemi with impressive torque due to its 528 cubes. The front suspension is a coil over alterkation system with power rack-n-pinion. Driving and Handling is superb even with that big   hemi. You can have your cake and eat it too if your project is thought out properly and you use the right components.