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1958 Plymouth Belvedere


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   After watching Ebay and Craigslist I have found the Real Deal!!! A rust free 1958 Belvedere. These cars are extremely hard to find in this condition as they were prone to rusting. Dad bought one of these new and I always wanted to do one while he was alive. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Due to the fact that we are extremely busy with customer cars, progress is slow and I am in the parts gathering mode. These cars are very hard to find parts for and very expensive.

   I am having fun driving it around before it gets disassembled for a complete makeover. Right now it is a 318 poly with a torqueflite. It will end up a low deck big block with a push button torqueflite with a gear vendor overdrive. The car will be all black with sport tone trim and belvedere interior.  It will have vintage A/C system and maybe a tilt wheel. I plan on driving this car, in fact I am planning a trip to California and to Yellowstone in it.